Tuesday, August 5, 2014

From March to August-A Hiatus for Me

In April I decided to take a breather from most things art, due to increasing family joys and obligations.  "Family Trumps Art," as someone famously said.  So today's posting will be a new slow beginning back to "lighter" blogging ... and I hope to be able to keep Sebastian River Art Club members and friends informed on whatever information and exciting events come to my attention.  Since I am no longer on the administrative side of the Club, some news will go "under the radar" to me unless I am told of it.

So much has happened since then--some good, and some which I am sorry to say has been very sad.  Over the last year we have lost some very loved and valued members of the Club, whose memory we will cherish as long as we ourselves are around.


Terry & I, Christmas 2013 working on a scholarship fundraiser
"Geraniums" A Prizewinning Oil by Terry Pate

So now it is the same day, 6:45 pm, a couple of hours after my dear friend's memorial service at the Art Center.  Terry Pate, who passed away just a few weeks ago, was a good friend whom I looked forward to seeing whenever I was in the Art Center, which happened to be very often when I was Chairman.  She always knew what was going on with everyone in the Club, and was ready to help whenever she could.  In spite of her physical ailments which were many and often, she persevered with her painting and variety of responsibilities with the Club, but especially with the Rosalee Hume Scholarship Fund, her pet project.  Terry was a powerful presence, and you always knew when she was in the building.  Always pitching in, giving advice, showing her newest painting, trying new things.  She was so proud of the ribbons she had earned over the past year or so.  Above is a painting that won 2d place in the Art Center competition.  At her memorial service today several people stood up to say a few words about Terry, myself included, which was a small testament of her worth to the Club.  Incidentally, she was the first one to stop by the house after my husband Bob had a heart attack a couple of years ago, with food, advice, and just a friendly ear.  You will be remembered and missed always Terry.

Long-time member Henry Pitt, of Micco, was a friend, a mentor, a fine artist, and a giant to all of us in the Sebastian River Art Club.  Henry passed away April 5th at age 87, after a long, hard and adventurous life.  He was of strong character, had lots of great stories, enjoyed a great history with the art world on the Treasure Coast, and with only one eye was an inspiration to all the artists at the Club.  Each week he would come in with a new painting, one more stunning than the other.  Most with wildlife or domestic animals in them, many from Montana where he once was owner of a large ranch.  He also was a bit of a poet, proof of which follows:
                                        A COWBOY'S DREAM
                       A curve in the road, a cloud in the sky,
                                A crisp cut hillside rising so high.
                      One lonely pine tree reaching into the blue,
                                A beautiful landscape dresed in full autumn hue.
                      All ten horseback riders just went riding by
                                Except for the painter with an artistic eye.
                      He saw the hill, the lone pine tree, a cloud in the sky,    
                                And put it on canvas, in color, for the other nine to buy.
                      Just a dreamy old cowboy could dream up this tidbit,
                                One who came from Montana with the name Henry Pitt. 

Henry was a colorful guy with a quick wit and charming smile, and he enjoyed some notoriety and fame over the years for his paintings and also for his efforts on behalf of the arts.  He was quick to offer advice and critique when asked, and all of it was good.  My husband Bob and I  enjoyed listening to his stories of Montana and various adventures and foibles during his long life.  His legacy will live on in the countless paintings he's left behind, and the memories that will stay with all of us.
God speed, Henry . . . and keep the palette filled for us as we join you in painting heaven some day.

Vito joined the Sebastian River Art Club only a couple of years ago, but right from the first we loved him.  He had a rather quiet demeanor, unless something ticked him off, then the real Vito regaled you with his opinion.  He laughed with us when we were happy, and consoled us when things went wrong.  He was a fabulous artist who found himself stretching with us all at the Art Center--trying new things and enjoying the diversity of other artists.  His culinary skills were unmatchable, and we always looked forward to seeing what he brought to share.  He was helpful, kind, generous, and tried to hide his loving side--but it showed through too much.  I will treasure the crystal angel he made for me, which hangs as an ornament on my lanai screen, and reminds me of him daily.


Bill was a sweet, soft-spoken gentleman-with-a-capitol-"G."  Always a kind word, always a smile, and always sharing his joy of painting.  His subject was mostly birds (i.e., he was called "The Bird Man"), which were stunningly rendered in oil.  His friendly demeanor touched all who knew him, and he is sorely missed.  His suffering was much, although you would never know it.

B. April 10, 1928 - D. January 29, 2014
Florence Clowes had a caring heart and a passion for helping others, along with a talent for leadership and creativity.  With a Masters Degree, she served in leadership positions in several civic organizations throughout her life, and joined the Peace Corps at 65, following her husband's death.v After moving to Florida in 1994, she became active in the Red Cross, working at disasters in Florida, around the US, and in Guam.  In between, she joined the SRAC and indulged herself in art, until it was time for her to answer to a higher calling once again.  She was an gifted artist and authored 4 books during her lifetime.  I did not have the privilege of knowing her, much to my loss.  

After making this memorium posting it was brought to my attention that long-time member Dick Walsh also passed away.  He has been described as "A Jokester" who was a really fine oil painter.  Subjects focused on beach scenes and people.  His technique emulated Helen White of TV fame, in that he underpainted values in black, whites and gray acrylics, then overlaid with oil colors.  He was not too active in the Club in recent years, but I do remember his sparkling smile and gentle demeanor.  Wish I could have seen him paint in this interesting technique.  So much talent has passed through this Club, sometimes in just a whisper, but all leave their mark in some way.

And now on the lighter side ...

2 great murals were created by the Sebastian River Art Club members, one for the Moose Lodge in Micco, and the other for Sebastian's Community Center.  Photos of them are to come when I get them.

An art show by Club members was organized July 26 at the Moose Club in Micco.  Many people participated and the show was beautiful.  It was great having a show indoors with air conditioning, food, drink, and plenty of room.  

Sheila Lougheed, Suze Lavender, et. al., repainted the whole Art Center, with one wall in each room a contrasting color.  Looks fabulous!  Even the kitchen has a black wall!  Actually it was painted with chalkboard paint which will enable us to leave messages on the wall, like a bulletin board.  Behold Sheila's artwork and verse!

Beginning this Saturday, August 9th, 2-4 pm, the Art Center will be hosting a Life Drawing session, with a live model.  All welcome, and I think the cost for each session will be about $5.  Kathy Costa is heading up this program.

In memory of Terry Pate, I will be offering free art classes through July and August.  July is now now over, so next classes are August 7th and August 21st.  9-12 noon, mostly oil and acrylic but other mediums are accepted.  A donation, if you can, of $5 will be accepted in memory of Terry Pate, to go towards the Rosalee hume Scholarship fund which she was so dedicated to.  Normal class charges are $15 for members, $20 for non-members, first and third Thursday of the month.  Call if you are new or have questions - 772-581-8281.

Many fine and gently used art supplies are on sale at the Art Center for members to peruse and purchase at very reasonable prices.  Proceeds go to the Rosalee Hume Scholarship fund, in memory of Terry Pate.  Most of the supplies were donated to the Club from Terry's family.

The Art Center, although fully functioning, is currently under transition during the hot summer months, as Sheila Lougheed and Suze Lavender, et. al., continue improving on its aesthetics and functionality.  Many wonderful changes have been made, but stay tuned ... there will be more!  As the former Chairman, I personally am so pleased with the changes and improvements, and look forward to seeing what new ideas this twosome comes up with.  I was happy to pitch in myself with the white walls, but really wanted to throw some of that red paint on it!  Thanks to all who helped with the transition.

Check out our new website at www.sebastianriverartclub.org, which was launched this summer.  Looks pretty good.

Opening Reception 
SRAC member and photographer extraordinaire, Greg Hills, has opened a photography studio and art gallery at 1614 US Hwy 1, across from Wendy's.  He welcomes SRAC friends to an opening reception on Friday, August 15th, 6-10 pm (free and open to the public).  Join him in celebration of the addition of a fine art photography gallery in our great town.  The more art the better!
"Palenquela" photo by Greg Hills

Well, that's all for now.  If you have news that you feel needs to be on this blog, let me know.

Judy Burgarella

Sunday, March 16, 2014

March's Happenings


On view through March is a stunning array of quilts from the Stepping Stone quiters, who share the Meeting Room with us in the Art Center.  A friendly and productive group, they busily create the most beautiful quilts for special projects and for charity.  Unsung heroes of "warm & cozy" creations, they are a cohesive group who enjoys creating and chatting and supporting each other in many ways.  we are happy to be able to put their creations on display in the Hume Gallery of the Art Center.


Sondra Andres joined the Sebastian river art Club, and this bloggers art class there in the Art Center, in October 2011, and we loved her from the start.  She was adventurous (entertaining us with her stories of travels around the world), a jokester, and she certainly learned to love painting.  She created several beautiful paintings during her short-lived life as an artist, and the below painting was the last subject she picked to paint, which she went at with her usual enthusiasm, painting through her pain, and all the time facing an ominous future.  Never complaining, always making light of everything, she would take that brush and dip it in the brightest of colors, indicative of her personality and her zest for life.   All her buddies at the Sebastian River Art Club were shocked and grieved at her passing in 2013.  We all miss her sparkling smile and jovial personality still.

Some time after her passing her husband Ed stopped in and asked if one of her friends would please finish the Jacaranda painting for him.  After passing the painting through 2 hands (myself being one, as I could not duplicate her brushstroke no matter how hard I tried), the third try was Peni Baker, "acrylic painter extraordinaire," who agreed to take on the tough emotional project.  Peni not only finished it, but she has made it a tribute to Sondra's art-life.  So we present the below acrylic painting, "Jacaranda," in memory of our beloved Sondra Andes.  Pictured below is Peni and Ed Andres.

"Jacaranda" acrylic painting by Sondra Andres & Peni Baker



On Friday, March 14th, there was an opening reception for Sebastian River Art Club member Nancy Galligan.  Nancy works at Crafts N' Such and is so helpful to artists and other visitors at the store.  we are proud to represent her at Inlet Wines this month.  Be sure to stop in and say "Hi" to owners Jessie and Daisy, and a special hello to Anthony--their right-hand man.  Inlet Wines is in the shopping center at the corner of Roseland Road and US Hwy 1, next door to McDonalds.  A nice place to stop for a glass of wine after dinner, or buy a bottle to enjoy at home. Exceptional selections of beer and wine, tapis and great art at Inlet wines.
Artist Nancy Galligan and guest Eric Frederiksen with her exhibit in background

Don't miss the free smock-painting demo/class at the Art Center, March 25th, at 11:00.  Bring your own smock, acrylics if you have them, brushes, palette or plastic plate, water container, paper towels, and a smock (Inexpensive ones can be found at thrift stores).  

Judy Burgarella,
Blogger for the Sebastian River Art Club's Art Center

Monday, February 24, 2014

SRAC's 16th Annual Juried Art Show A Success!

About 34 artists participated in the Sebastian River art Club's 16th Annual Juried Art Show, and what a weekend it was.  Saturday and Sunday, February 15th and 16th, the weather was great (sans a bleep of rain on Saturday), the crowds were great, the sales were the best ever.  And of course the artwork was spectacular--oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolor--landscapes, seascapes, abstract, wildlife, and lots of 3D types such as jewelry, sculpture, pottery and more.  Artists were happy, browsers were happy, and the Club got a lot of positive feedback from everyone.  Many artists sold works, and 13 of our Artist Members won ribbons for their outstanding pieces, which were judged by renowned Vero Beach artist Deborah Gooch.  Below are the winners:

BEST IN SHOW - Christopher Doomis, "Pelican Prince" shown here with Deborah Gooch
JUDGE'S CHOICE - "Brown Pelican" acrylic by Kathleen Richter
1ST PLACE OIL - "Wading" - by Grace Savage
2ND PLACE OIL - "Peaceful Ocean" by Ray McLendon
"3RD PLACE OIL - "Parachuters" by Shirley Warwick
1ST PLACE WATERCOLOR - "Bamboo" by Judy McNamara (Club President)
2ND PLACE WATERCOLOR - "Lilac Memories" by Mary Rahmig
3RD PLACE WATERCOLOR - "Pin-up" by Ann Marwick
1ST PLACE ACRYLIC - "Vintage Florida" by Ned Nolan
2NDPLACE ACRYLIC - by Lee G. Smith
3RD PLACE ACRYLIC - "Blue Heron" by Beve Bruffey
1ST PLACE 3D - "Snook on the Hook" by Ray Ground

1ST PLACE PHOTOGRAPHY - "Wave" by Toni Hill
Congratulations to all ribbon winners, and a big thanks to all who participated - it sure is a lot of work to set up for a show like this, and sacrifice a weekend to come out and tie up their Saturday and Sunday.  Judge Deborah Gooch was pleasantly surprised at all the very professional work on display.  She certainly had her work cut out for her.  And a big thank-you to her for judging our show--not an easy job.

Next show in Riverview Park is March 22nd, and our final one is April 12th.  After that our Club slows down a bit, no more business meetings for the summer, however the Art Center is still open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 11-3:00.  1245 Main Street, Sebastian Florida ... a nice place to come in out of the heat.

Judy Burgarella
VP, and blogger for the
Sebastian River Art Club's Art Center

Thursday, February 13, 2014

S.R.A.C.'s 16th Annual Juried Art Show Feb. 15-16!

Weather forecast is perfect - 75, winds 8-10, sun and clouds; the view is fabulous considering the show is within view of the banks of the Indian River, lots of shady oaks, a bubbling fountain and scampering squirrels; and the show ... well, now that's the heart of the story - Best of the Best this show is, because Club members bring their best work in order to compete for those valued ribbons - First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Judges Choice, etc.  Many paintings from the Frits Van Eeden tribute in the Hume Gallery will be on view in members' tents.  Take a stroll around the park and enjoy all the pretty views--including the art--there will be all manner of paintings, sculpture, carvings, jewelry, pottery, and a bit of the eclectic.

Spend the day in Sebastian, lots of restaurants on the River and all around town.  My favorite place in town is the Indian River Lagoon, where a nice long sidewalk lines its banks.  Lovely to take a brisk walk there.

Come by and see what's new, February 15th & 16th, Saturday and Sunday, 10-4:00.  Oh, and if you forgot to get your honey a Valentine's Day gift, you can make it up to her with a gift of art of her choice!

Judy Burgarella
Blogger for the
Sebastian River art Club's
Art Center

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Homage to Frits Van Eeden

Below is a photo of the "Homage to Frits Van Eeden" exhibit in the Rosalee Hume Gallery of the Sebastian River Art Club.  Not completely filled yet, but stunning what's there.  It's so impressive how the membership totally abandoned their signature styles and adapted Frits' flair for splashing on color and depicting movement.  And with such proficiency that it appears they had been practicing that technique for some time.  So alive is this exhibit, I hope many people get to see it.  We talked about a light reception before the close of the show at the end of February, but stay tuned to find out if we actually have one.   On view also are 3 original paintings by Frits, on loan from him, and we are so luck to have them grace our walls for a couple of months.  The show is over the end of February ... then the Stepping Stone Quilters' quilts will be gracing our walls.

 Enjoy the view, and if you haven't seen it in person, do stop in at the Art Center Tuesday, Thursday or most Saturdays 11-3:00.

Acrylic by Frits Van Eeden

Acrylic by Frits Van Eeden
Wild abstract by Richard Gillmore

Judy Burgarella
Blogger for the Sebastian River Art Club's Art Center

Monday, January 13, 2014

Prizewinners at the Art Center

October's Theme in the Sebastian (FL) River Art Club's Art Center was "Trees, and What They Give Us," for which John Sammon won first place prize, pictured below, and November's theme was "Lighthouses," for which Jean Dunphey won first place prize, also pictured below.

"Tree" theme by John Sammon, and "Lighthouse" theme by Jeanne Dunphey
 John's tree painting was a knockout, something really different, yet rendered with the skills of an expert.  Long-time member Jeanne Dunphey, who happens to be our patriarch at 86, painted this rather large, impressive lighthouse, so detailed that you could practically pick the rust off the stucco on the lighthouse.  So much good art, so many good artists in this club.  And everybody keeps on a-paintin' and a-learnin'!

Below is the Lighthouse theme entry by our former President Mary Rahmig--great job Mary--hers won 2nd place prize.

Lighthouse theme by Mary Rahmig
 December's theme is "Waves of the Ocean," and my what a wave John Sammon has painted!  Let's see if it wins a prize--there's some good ones now on display in competition with his.  Tuesday members will hopefully cast their 2 votes each to determine who's painting (or sculpture, or photo) earns a ribbon.
Wave by John Sammon

Stay tuned.

Judy Burgarella
Blogger for the
Sebastian River Art Club's
Art Center

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Library Display Installed!

Some adjectives overheard:  "Stunning!" "Beautiful!" "Outstanding!" "Wonderful!"

Sebastian River Art Club's window display for January in the North County Library, SR512, Sebastian
 Actually, I would say the display is a great sampling of the talents residing within the membership of the Sebastian River Art Club.  Approximately 15 artist members volunteered to create a painting of an animal that customarily lives in wintry places.

Below, Kathleen Richter gazes at her handiwork, which is the beautiful mural that is the foundation for the whole scene.  Kathleen headed up the project, gathering artists together to create 8"x10" paintings on canvas to attach to it.

It is with pride that we display the mural and collective works of some of our members at the North County Library for January.  And the people in Sebastian should be proud to have so much talent in their town's Art Club, and hopefully support us by coming to the Art Center to view more of the wonderful works displayed therein.  The Art Center is at 1245 Main Street (in the Sebastian City Hall Complex), and hours are Tuesdays, Thursdays and most Saturdays 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Kathleen Richter, Chair of the Library Window Project

Kathleen Richter's mural painting, without artists' canvases attached.
More examples of the Club's fine and diverse art work can be seen This Saturday, January 11th, 10-4:00 at their monthly Art Show in Riverside Park.  Take a leisurely stroll through the park and view some of the finest work in the county.  Artwork of course is for sale, and many of our members accept commissions, so if you don't see something you like just ask one of our artists to paint it for you!

Judy Burgarella
VP, Art Center Chairman, Marketing Chairman
& Blogger for SRAC